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  • 10/01/21 - Remaining pages to approve is down to about 100. If you are interested in contributing new media, or helping with tagging, please email at
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Tags Genre:Anime Series:Samurai_Champloo
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AlphabetSoup: Is there any way for me to help with this project? I wouldn't mind fixing some things that are listed as "unrated" at the very least, and categorize them that way.
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Gravionlover: Hey rogue, I hope you are still managing this site, you are doing great! One thing however. A great handful of galleries would just show "no images found" like Seikon no Qwaser for example. It would be appreciated if you could fix this.
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rogueralsha: @AlphabetSoup: Yeah, send me an e-mail at if you're still interested in helping.
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rogueralsha: @Gravionlover: Heya, when you see that it means that the images are still pending approval. I just approved the Seikon no qwasar images.